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About Us

Ch. Sarraf & Co. has been distributing and marketing the world’s most cherished brands for over 55 years.

What we do

What we do
Ch. Sarraf & Co. is Malia Group’s distribution arm in Lebanon. Structured into separate business units, the company handles the sales, marketing, trade marketing, promotion and distribution of FMCG, Professional Care Brands, Cosmetics, Fragrances and Tobacco. The company also manages a Day Spa.
We favor long term partnerships with our stakeholders and, on top of building the equity of our brands, we ensure a premium service and reward our loyal customers.

Our talented teams implement proficient strategies to secure the sustainable growth of the brands within our portfolio. They optimize the brands’ availability and visibility by ensuring proper weighted and numeric distribution and by applying sales’ fundamentals in: Supermarkets, Groceries, Pharmacies, Hair Salons, Perfumeries, and Department Stores across Lebanon.

what we stand for

  • Mission

    We are committed to sustaining our position as a strategic business partner to principals and trade by continuously developing our nationwide distribution network and building the equity of high-quality consumer goods. We look to constantly meet our stakeholders’ expectations by capitalizing on our wealth of talent and automated systems.

  • Vision

    To be among the top national distribution companies in Lebanon perceived as the expert in supplying premium brands and providing unique trade and customer services.


Our Key Success Factors

Several components come together to produce a successful outcome for all stakeholders. They are as follows:
  • We recruit, train, retain & promote talent
  • We build the equity of our brand portfolio by generating brand awareness, ensuring brand compliance and capitalizing on brand loyalty
  • We strictly abide by the positioning and guidelines set by the principal
  • We grow our business year-on-year through 360-degree & agile planning and winning investments
  • We develop & ensure the best-in-class execution of targeted marketing and PR initiatives to boost the sellout
  • We relentlessly enhance our coverage and horizontal & vertical distribution
  • We secure premium in-store location for our brands as well as secondary displays
  • We guarantee appropriate warehousing/storage of goods and 24h/48h delivery to trade
  • Our automated systems maximize productivity and allow effective decision-making
  • We ensure timely and comprehensive reporting to principal as well as on-line access to sales & distribution data