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August 01, 2018
Ch. Sarraf & Co. Professional Products Unit had the honor to host esteemed clients from its major brands Wella Professionals and Kadus Professionals to introduce Color Fresh Create, Wella Plex, and Kadus Blondes Unlimited. The seminars were led by Patrick Sfeir, Local Educator, Professional Products Unit, Ch. Sarraf & Co., and Hisham Beaini, Regional Artist, Wella Professionals, and took place at Malia Tower where more than 160 hairdressers cumulatively attended the seminars which consisted of product presentations, knowledge, and demonstrations. “Education is a key to our relationship with our clients. Providing salon owners and leaders with the correct ways to maximize the performance of our products leads to ultimate client satisfaction and loyalty. These seminars paired with consistently excellent and innovative products have helped us further strengthen our relationship with these salons,” explained Sandra Menassa, Brand Manager, Professional Products Unit, Ch. Sarraf & Co.

Color Fresh Create is a complete semi-permanent expressive color palette with 12 specially crafted pure vibrant shades and one clear shade – allowing for full intermixability, beautiful pastelization and bespoke coloring results with true-to-tone fading during each wash. Wella Plex helps to create bonds within the hair during lightening or color service, enabling optimal lift and penetration of dye molecules. Kadus Blondes Unlimited is an innovative lightening system for freehand application techniques with no foils required.